Usiel, Throne of the Sundered, was an Elohim of the Seventh House, known for realizing that Creation was changing without the direct intervention of the angels and speaking of this revelation to God. God then revealed to Usiel that the Second World, which the Reapers had been constructing, was connected to this change and would be a new era in Creation.

After his audience with God, Usiel was seen by many as the voice for the Seventh House, and later took part in Ahrimal's debate on whether the Elohim should reveal themselves to humanity in violation of the Allmaker's command. Usiel argued against disobedience, believing that the others misunderstood God's plan for Creation and the Second World and that they should bow to God as the only one capable of seeing all the world as it will be. When the Morningstar called the others to rebellion, Usiel and Lailah refused, returning to Heaven.

Though eventually Usiel would fall from grace all the same due to his increasing tendency during the War to sacrifice scores of innocent humans to destroy even a single demon.

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