• Pemula27


    August 19, 2013 by Pemula27

    What's New- Tagged Submission Fix Bebo Submission Fix Adjustments To Submission Lin[kedin Now Saves Email] Fixed Typo Fixed Task Manager Form Issue

    Features- Automatically Creates Accounts On 20+ Websites Including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, And Many More (Except Captcha) Bot Maker (create your own bots and automate webpages) Smart Autofill (submit even on unsupported sites) Manual Submitter (submit to custom email sites with the autofill menu "right click") Generates Full Profile With One Click 5 Built In Disposable Email Services (One Click) Real Names and Usernames (Editable) Proxy Support Advanced Profile System Advanced Settings Customizable Theme Handy Rightclick Autofill Menu Over 200,000 Built In Names

    FAQ- Q: What does this pr…

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