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How to make a family tree

Omeri November 4, 2014 User blog:Omeri

I would like to thank Irad for this.

== Genealogy == {{clade| style=font-size:110%;line-height:100% |label1=[[Caine]]   |1={{clade |label1=[[second Generation|2nd Gen.]]  |1=  |label2= [[Irad|Irad "The Strong"]]  |2={{clade |label1=[[Third Generation|3rd Gen.]]  |1=  |2=[[Ventru (Antediluvian)|Ventru]], Progenitor of the [[Ventrue (VTM)|Ventrue]] |3=[[Brujah (Antediluvian)|Brujah]], Progenitor of the [[Brujah]] |4=[[Cappadocius]], Progenitor of the [[Cappadocian]] |5=[[Lasombra (Antediluvian)|Lasombra]], Progenitor of the [[Lasombra]] }} }} }}

Must look at this in source mode

--Omeri (talk) 06:04, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

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