I have found these links helpful.

§ Help contents (sometimes helpful)

§ My way of searching help

§ Math Equations

§ Quick Reference (Yeah! Standards!)

§ Example → Main article:

  • Attribute
    • {{main|attribute}}
    • Remember to place it directly under the heading.

§ Example → Multiple references to a single page number

  • 1998 (TU)
    • After the initial internal reference name has been established, refer to any following with the same number with a space and a slash
    • Example initial → Stuff or something <ref name="LoveStuff01"> {{b|Aberrant|Aberrant Rulebook|page=2}}</ref>
    • Example any following → <ref name="LoveStuff01" />
    • Note: Do not forget in the Sources section to put <reference/> tag. It is very important.

§ Example → Sources

  • {{b|Aberrant|Aberrant Rulebook|page=181, 216, 289-290}}
  • All you need to do is remember {{b|Line name|Book Name|page=pages in said book}} and you are done!

§ Example → Defining a word

§ List of Storyteller Characters

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