So I have this habit of writing really long backstories for characters I play in Role Playing games. My favourites are at least a page long. With that being said, I recently wrote a character for Mage: The Ascension  whose backstory is around 3-4 pages long. This is probably my longest backstory for a character I've written so far, and there are plenty of points I could elaborate on. But I'll keep the details simple. He's a Hermetic mage of House Flambeau who's "married" to an Uktena Garou and has a baby girl(Storyteller is debating whether or not she'll become a Garou or just an awakened kinfolk). He was also taught Do and can read/write in plaid as well as reading/writing/speaking English, Spanish, Latin, and the Native American language of that region. I know it seems really... odd/crazy, but the backstory is pretty solid.

 The gist of it is that this character is meant to be an exemption to plenty of societal rules. Someone with enough determination can accomplish anything, and this character was meant to be a way for me to roleplay someone who is extremely determined. Most characters I play tend to be "go-with-the-flow" types, although I'm often "The face" of my roleplaying group. I wanted to play a well-written, set-in-stone personality type. He's a tougher sort of man, but is really friendly as well. 

 Anyway, I like writing backstories and thinking of what characters can do, the type of people they are, and how they go about living their lives. I really hope this character plays well, or at the very least, avoids dying too early.

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