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January 12, 2015
  • Julius Caine

    Life and Roleplay

    April 10, 2015 by Julius Caine

       So I'm sure everyone may know the difference between life and roleplay, fact over fiction. But ever wonder the similarities between the two? Everyone is capable of having the personality of the people(or creatures) they roleplay. They wouldn't be able to convey them properly otherwise. So I find it interesting to see the shyest of the shy type of kid roleplay the toughest of the tough kind of hero, with plenty of speaking too. I suppose in everyone you can find a strength, maybe an extreme.

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  • Julius Caine

     So I have this habit of writing really long backstories for characters I play in Role Playing games. My favourites are at least a page long. With that being said, I recently wrote a character for Mage: The Ascension  whose backstory is around 3-4 pages long. This is probably my longest backstory for a character I've written so far, and there are plenty of points I could elaborate on. But I'll keep the details simple. He's a Hermetic mage of House Flambeau who's "married" to an Uktena Garou and has a baby girl(Storyteller is debating whether or not she'll become a Garou or just an awakened kinfolk). He was also taught Do and can read/write in plaid as well as reading/writing/speaking English, Spanish, Latin, and the Native American lan…

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  • Julius Caine

    Interesting First Week

    January 16, 2015 by Julius Caine

    I made this account roughly a week ago due to the fact that I'm constantly reading from this wikia. I've been reading VTM lore before I ever played my first game of Vampire, which was around 4-5 months ago. I've also started playing Werewolf as well, it's super fun! Since then I've been reading a ton of lore from here, since I don't own the books personally(my groups storyteller has plenty, but they're at his place) and I decided that I should give back to the wikia in someway as a thanks for the information provided. So, since making an account, and as of this very moment, I've made 190 edits. I guess the point of this little blog is to let the community know that I'm grateful for the wikia they've set up, and I'm doing my best to help im…

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