Same except as follows;

+2 dodge bonus to defense for each level, +30 Base Speed for each level.


Each level is a permanent modifier, I believe this more accurately simulates the old fortitude discipline;

Damage Reduction 2/- for each level, it stacks with itself and is always active.

So a fortitude level of 4 would grant DR 8/- at all times, a level 10 which would be high up in the epic levels would grant a DR of 20/- and is always active. Armour Piercing rounds still reduce the DR as normal. A vampire with a high enough fortitude could soak all damage dealt by sunlight and effectively walk around during day with out his body smoking. Sunlight wil be categorized on different severities based on the amount of direct sunlight. Each level also allows a vampire to treat a fall or controlled jump as if it was 5 feet shorter. So a vampire with 4 levels would be able to fall 20 feet before rolling damage from falling and would still be able to "soak" 8 points of damage from his fortitude.


Each level is a permanent modifier, I believe this more accurately simulates the old potence discipline;

+2 inherent bonus to Strength this stacks with itself and breaks the normal rule of a +5 maximum inherent bonus to any stat, it does not stack with any other form of inherent bonus. It also grants a +3 miscellaneous modifier to all jump checks. A vampire with 5 levels of potence would have a +10 inherent bonus to strength and +15 additional miscellaneous bonus on all jump checks.

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