• Chronias

    Audel the Orbiorator

    September 11, 2016 by Chronias

    The Orbiorator, also known by those on a more familiar level with her as Audel, is an eldritch fae sorceress with no set Freehold allegiance. Renowned for negotiating with the Keepers. She is said to dwell the Hedge and travese its portals not unlike a jet-set cosmopolitan would embark on a flight.

    The Orbiorator claims not much to recollect from her time before her abduction. She remembers travelling much on tradig ships with winged lion flags across the Mediterranean with her parents. This makes her a former citizen of the Serene Republic of Venice, although most of the places she can evoke are port of calls like Malta, Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes, Alexandia, Nicosia, Acre, Trip…

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  • Chronias

    Velia LeQuella (Requiem)

    February 9, 2015 by Chronias

    Velia Le'Quella was a renowned Kindred occultist, an elder from the Mekhet clan and a Twilight Councilor of the Ordo Dracul.

    Velia originally cared little for making up mortal alter egos for herself after she received the Embrace — usually impersonating her mortal self while becoming gradually shrouded in and cushioned by a considerable amount of uncertainty and obscurity, omitted by figmented suggestions of faux-familiarity. She however understood that a manageable façade must be offered for the public observation and parlance thus she usually named herself as either her own biological or adopted daugher —or by one of her ghoul 's or another— or at least consecutively becoming her own legal inheritor by accepting a condition of the testamen…

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