Urlon of Uruk




Probably Gangrel



Urlon of Uruk was one of the earliest warlords of western civilization. He wanted to conquer the city Ur, hoping to slay Arakur but was eventually killed by the pair Lantla-Drakonskyr through the Sword of Nul.


Like many great figures of the earlier nights Urlon was a vampire and came to the city of Ur to conquer. Naturally, Arakur and Lantla resisted, but Urlon had learned the power of mortal flesh and he had more troops than they did. When it became certain that Ur would fall, Arakur fell into despair and retreated into his haven, awaiting the end.

Lantla, however, did not despair. She hated Urlon as a bully (which she understood too well) and the rage she had felt toward her old witch mistress was refocused upon her enemy. Lantla thought that if the city could but hold out a week or two longer, it would be enough to repel the attack. She studied her tablets and finally called upon a great demon to aid her in battle. The demon was called Drakonskyr, and it possessed her body, infusing it with great strength and power.

Drakonskyr offered to aid her still further by helping her to forge a magical weapon. This weapon, promised the demon, would allow her to kill not only the mortal followers of Urlon, but the warlord himself - a proposition to which Lantla readily agreed, not realizing the long-term consequences. When Urlon's men finally broke through the outer walls, she was ready.

Urlon was one of the first warriors of the Jyhad, and this would be one of its earliest battles. He had come to Ur with an army of mortals seeking the blood of Arakur, but when he entered the ziggurat, he found Arakur already dead. Lantla stood over her beloved sire, her teeth stained with his blood - she had unwillingly committed the heinous crime of diablerie because the demon that controlled her body decided that they needed more power to defeat their quarry.

The warlord of Uruk proved to be no match for the two-who-were-one, especially after Lantla had consumed the soul of Arakur. Drakonskyr's sword, which it had named the Sword of Nul, slew the mighty vampire with one blow.


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