The United States of America are of the most frequently described settings in the Chronicles of Darkness. Most supernatural creatures have prominent territories in at least one major city.


The larger world is full of small, dark seculuded places that can hide easily. But there are certain locales that stand out in the world for their size.

  • New Orleans plays host to the largest population of Kindred in the Americas, a city of the dead where power struggles are the normal way of life.
  • Denver is the staging ground for the many Werewolf battles between the Pure and the Forsaken, its placement on the still-uninhabited American wilds allowing room to roam for many wolf packs.
  • Boston acts as a Mage city, a place where a history of magic flows through every old brick house and every winding street.
  • Detroit, somehow, is a place where the Prometheans are drawn, though why is yet unknown. Whatever the reason, it is possible that the recent decline of Detroit is partly the fault of the Prometheans.
  • Miami claims the lion's share of Changelings in North America, the courts currently jostling for position in the never changing climates of Southern Florida.
  • Philadelphia is the Hunters' town, where every level of Hunters, from cell to compact to conspiracy battle for both supremacy and to kill the monsters.
  • New York lays its claim with Sin-Eaters, the city's massive amounts of history bringing with it a massive amount of ghosts and unruly dead, and the Bound who must face them.
  • Washington, D.C is the center of a powerful cult of the Arisen, who seek to recreate Irem and have influenced the design of the city since its inception.
  • Seattle is the home to a major experiment of the God-Machine, involving multiple alternate timelines of the city called fractures. As a result, Demons are drawn to the city, seeking to learn more about their Creator's plans and designs.
  • The Pine Barrens of the state of New Jersey have attracted numerous Beasts, who see the Apex of the area in form of the Jersey Devil within the Primordial Dream. Thriving in the contrast between near untamed wilderness and major urban areas like New York and Philadelphia, they have numerous opportunities to sate their Hungers.

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