Name: Unicorn
Pronunciation: Yew-nee-korn
Totem type: Wisdom
Ban: Obligation to aid the weak and helpless (although not at the cost of fighting the Wyrm)
Tribe: Children of Gaia

Unicorn is pure, powerful, strong and wise. She is a Totem of peace, harmony, and healing.


The unicorn represents the pure understanding and unbridled love of Gaia and shares this love with her followers. Unicorn's Children gain its swiftness in the Spirit Wilds, moving at twice their normal speed across the shadowy landscape. The Children of the Unicorn find it easier to heal and harder to harm other Garou not of the Wyrm.

The efficacy of all Gifts involving peace, healing, strength and protection is increased in the hands of a Child of Unicorn. Children of Gaia will always give aid, and will usually side with the Pack in any disputes. The Pack gains Wisdom Renown for being associated with such a wise Totem.

While Unicorn is a Totem that eschews violence, it has a a different aspect known as Black Unicorn, who acts as a Totem of War and is willing to support warriors.