Unicorns are a vanished form of Bygones that only survive in special Umbral Realms. The horned beasts' build and features, particularly their large dark eyes, are similar to a deer's. Their tails are several feet in long and, like that of a lion, tipped with a furry tuft. Covered in soft, off-white hair, a unicorn's streamlined body is built for speed. A unicorn's talon-sharp hooves resemble those of a goat, and are formidable weapons.

Unicorns are physical representations of the unattainable, things that can be glimpsed at the periphery of sight, but elude perception. In Antiquity, the Unicorn represented aggressive virility, ferociousness, protectiveness and strength. Only feminine qualities, like purity, innocence and meekness would counter-balance it and in time, people confused the counterpart with its essence. Due to the power of the Consensus, the Unicorn was transformed into a creature of peacefulness and similar virtues, even representing Jesus in Christian iconography. Perhaps both are correct (the Incarna Unicorn has two aspects, after all). The Bygone Unicorn has a respectful relationship with the Incarna Unicorn, the Totem of the Children of Gaia tribe of werewolves, and some come under her protection within the Legendary Realm.

Protectors of their forest habitats, the Unicorn is attracted to purity in mind and soul (chastity doesn’t necessarily play any role in it). Solitary and territorial creatures, they usually meet only to mate. Their horn is rumored to have several arcane powers, the most prominent being the ability to heal and pass simple telepathic messages on.


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