Name: Unforgotten Scions
Nicknames: Dreamers
Path: any
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Mind

The Unforgotten Scions are a Legacy popular among mages of the Mysterium. They are connected to an entity from the Dreamtime known as the Unforgotten that encourages mages to push their own fields of study ever forward, lest they be forgotten.


The Unforgotten, for whom the Legacy is named, manifests as a vast, undefined shape moving beneath a cold, black sea or glimpsed in silhouette behind thick ice. Cloaked in such perceptual metaphors, the Unforgotten murmurs in the polyphonic cacophony of every genius whose works have perished. In this borrowed chorus, the Unforgotten communicates its respect for the mage's greatness and echoes his outrage that such greatness should ever fade from the world. The entity never bothers to surface unless a mage is already susceptible to such advances, but if rebuffed, it silently descends back into the Dreamtime until the clarion of desperation summons it again. Unless rejected, however, the presence remains, pressing gently at the back of the mage's mind with the intimacy of a lover's caress. Just as a perfect imaginary friend, the entity discusses its latest companion's interests, patiently waiting when the mage must attend to conscious matters. As the dialogue progresses, the Unforgotten begins offering useful advice. The entity does not command or plead, but carefully suggests better ways of preserving the mage's ideas that culminate in the secrets of the first Attainment.

New Unforgotten Scions feel increasingly justified to promote and preserve their works as a "greater good" that must not be contained by such artificial strictures as their order's rules or even morality itself. Over time, these mages grow increasingly erratic and frustrated that those around them do not share their fervor, or worse, try to block their creative efforts. Such frustration usually gives way to paranoia and social isolation. In the absence of external companionship, Dreamers place increasing trust in the Unforgotten as the only being in the world that really understands and appreciates them. Its counsel becomes a constant companion, mixing practical advice with Socratic questions and the occasional enigmatic clue, encouraging scions to think for themselves and refine their own ideas. Any moral qualms that might limit such actions soon fall by the wayside as the madness of the desperate creator consumes them like divine fire. Where Dreamers pass, madness and obsession follow, a plague all the more dire for the compulsion-laden texts and swarms of amoral spirits many Dreamers leave behind even after their deaths. Consequently, these mages are counted among the most frustrating and time-consuming adversaries of the Guardians of the Veil.

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