Undoing occurs when a Changeling forgets their faerie nature, usually through the gradual accumulation of Banality, or in some cases, short-term exposure to extreme Banality.

If the process is left unchecked, the faerie spirit goes irreversibly dormant and the Changeling reverts to their mortal seeming, becoming a normal human with no memories of their time as a Changeling until the death of the mortal "host" frees the Fae spirit to reincarnate to a new body.

Most Childling or Wilder Changelings fall to the Undoing before their 25th birthday; only 1 Changeling in 25 'survive' their exposure to day-to-day Banality to become a Grump.

Changelings use their Mortal Seeming to protect themselves against Banality, as well as regular exposure to Glamour to remind themselves of their supernatural nature.


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