Name: Uncrowned Kings
Nicknames: Coal-Burners
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council
Arcana: Mind

The Uncrowned Kings are a Legacy that deals with alchemical refinement of the self. All Attainments depend on the mage's regular practice of a calling, usually alchemy, but auto-repair, craftsmanship, or some other work that involves mind and body is acceptable. The mage must perform this calling and produce something from it at least once per month. If a month passes without him purifying his soul through the meditative process of labor, he loses his attainments until he succeeds in his calling.


Just as matter can be shaped by heat and cold, by hammer's blow and chisel's cut, so too can the soul be shaped by pleasure and pain, by feeling and thought. Emotional baggage or faulty modes of thought can be trimmed away and desirable qualities such as honesty and compassion may be added to the alloy mixture in the crucible of the soul. Imperfection can be burned off, boiled out, or frozen and chipped away. The soul's purest essence may be distilled out of the woes and trauma that weigh it down, leaving it free to become that which is rarer and more precious than gold - the fulfilling life of the complete person.

Having perfected the technique of crafting their own souls, the Uncrowned could truly claim to be "self-made men," masters of their own souls. Their "royalty" is based, not upon primogeniture or the hoarding of hollow wealth, but upon the noble qualities that they have cultivated within themselves. They do not rule over nations, but over themselves to a degree that "common" folk can scarcely imagine.

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