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Background Edit

Tyrus was one of the first vampires Embraced in Britain's American colonies. He was created in the wilderness of Maryland in 1635 because of his essentially wild nature, and has since roamed the continent, making his home wherever he pleased. He fell in love with motorcycles and the freedom they represent shortly after the machines were invented, and recently began making more Gangrel in order to create his vision of the ideal biker gang. He is on the extreme edge of sanity and is given to self-mutilation, using cigarettes, safety pins, or whatever else comes to hand. He rarely heals himself fully after an episode of self-mutilation, but retains the scars as trophies, demonstrating his strength and courage.

Appearance Edit

Big, burly, and quite bald - he looks like a real terror, especially since he discovered the wonders of the punk movement. Always dresses in biker leathers and wears a horned helmet.

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