Tyrants are the masters of Infernal Courts. In the Age of Wrath, the title was usually claimed by Dukes or similar powerful Demons, but in the Final Nights, lesser Demons have carved themselves niches that afforded the title.


While most Tyrants are the ultimate authorities within their Court, they are still obliged to their infernal masters that remain trapped in the Abyss. Most Tyrants seek to placate their superiors by acting in their interests and invoking their authority to establish themselves. Most Tyrants have found the new situation to their liking and would not object if their superiors would remain trapped.

While many tyrants are those Demons most acquainted to the territory of their Court, others have risen via politickal machinations, ruthlessness and social manipulations of rivals, who seek to place their enemy in a place where his failure will become catastrophic for his future reputation.


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