Tundra runner

Tundra Runner, as depicted in Ways of the Wolf. Drawn by Dan Smith.

Tundra Runner

Tundra Runner, as depicted in Rage Across Russia. Drawn by Dan Smith.

Tundra Runner is a Red Talon Galliard. He was born in 1950 . Presumably he was born in the earlier part of the year (January through March or even April), as that is when gray wolves are born.[1][2] He has been the Alpha of all the Red Talons in Russia since 1973. He is a skilled leader, but very outmatched, as the Red Talon population in Russia is less than 100, as the government's "great war on wolves" destroyed much of the wolf breeding stock. He has also had to deal with a recent supernatural surge of energies throughout Russia, which has killed Garou and wolves alike, regardless of tribe. While he is unaccustomed to performing covert operations, he has sent several packs, made up of Theurges and Philodox, to Moscow, the apparent source of the supernatural attacks. The packs are attempting to find out what is causing the attacks, and if and how it can be stopped.[3]