Name: Followers of the True Soul, The True Soul
Nicknames: Red Preachers
Path: Mastigos
Order: any
Arcana: Mind

The True Soul are a Legacy that reveres the ancient atlantean mage Tazanteotl and follow his example by becoming more and more like him. This Legacy can only be learned through the True Soul grimoire Tazanteotl left behind.


Among the more dangerous of the right-handed Legacies, followers of the True Soul think they're on the path to strengthening their psyches by following Tazanteotl's example. This is true from a certain point of view. By taking "refuge in the sage," as they call it, they open a subtle but devastating weakness in their own personalities, allowing the grimoire a foothold to work Tazanteotl's Will until his mind can completly fuses with the one of the Mage in order to pursue Tazanteotl's goal of immortality. The person that attains the third attainment is like Tazanteotl was in his prime, although no one reached his goal.

Followers of The True Soul meet in small, informal groups. A full avatar of Tazanteotl meets them occasionally whenever he isn't busy with his own quests. Most meetings begin with group practice, miming Tazanteotl's habits, discussing what he would eat and drink and studying The True Soul. After that, matters turn to conversion. The Followers believe they're saving people from death so they approach their mission with zeal. They're willing to use bribery and a bit of deception to bring other mages into the fold.

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