Name: troll
Plural: trolls
Pronunciation: trohl'
Thallain: Ogres

These giants of the fae possess incredible strength and determination. Once they give their loyalty, nothing can sway them from those they have sworn to protect. Honor walks in their footsteps.[1]

History Edit

As long as there have been mountains there have been Trolls. Known as Giants, Titans, and a myriad of other names, no culture is without mention of us. (Kithbook: Trolls pg. 13)

Trolls are old; very old. Even the earliest of cultures makes mention of Trolls (sometimes under a different name). Trolls often play two roles in these stories: the first is the powerfully strong monster, the second is the extremely honour-bound protector. They have a long tradition of joining a sidhe's troupe and protecting them till the end, yet they will also be the protector of the weak and the underdogs.

Organization Edit

Culture Edit

Nothing is more important to a Troll than his honor. This is both a cultural institution and a supernatural compulsion. Any Troll who breaks an oath loses his Birthright of Titan's Power.

Tale-Worthy Trolls Edit

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References Edit

  1. CTD: Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition, p. 69

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