Troglodytia was a Cappadocian who was active during the Dark Ages. It is implied that she was an ancestor of (or possibly the progenitor of) the Samedi bloodline.


She, like a number of her contemporary clanmates, was cursed with an exceptionally vicious form of their clan's weakness upon her Embrace. Where others of her clan would normally have a deathlike pallor, she resembled a decaying corpse – a zombu. Mocking Cainites soon gave her the name "Troglodytia", which she bore as a sort of martyr's badge of honor.

She took up company with a group of Nosferatu, but her mastery of Obfuscate is not advanced enough to hide her appearance.  But true to her martyr self, she has made the best of her lot, becoming a mercenary, acting as a broker for the Cappadocians and Giovanni, procuring dead bodies for experimentation, odd herbs and alchemical ingredients, as well as strange artifacts that come to her attention.  She has become a veritable black market all by herself.

Her activities and whereabouts following the Dark Ages and the ascendancy of Clan Giovanni are unknown, but it is implied that she was an ancestor of (or possibly the progenitor of) the Samedi bloodline. It has been speculated that she invoked boons owed to her by powerful elders to escape to the Americas during the height of the Giovanni clan's purge of the Cappadocians.


Clanbook: Cappadocian, p. 64-68

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