Author & Art: Steven W. Otte
Developer: Andrew Bates
Editor: Allison "Smithee" Sturms
Vice President in Charge of Production: Richard Thomas
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Chris McDonough
Additional Layout: Nathan Mezel
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: June 1999
Year: 2121
Publication #: WW 09205
Price: Free


From the White Wolf catalog:

A World Awaits
Mankind has often wondered what secrets lie hidden in the depths of Earth's oceans. But throughout our history, this most tantalizing of mysteries remained unknown. Finally, in the 22nd century, the technology exists to explore, even colonize, the planet's vast underwater realms.
Under the Sea
The fifth Trinity Field Report: Oceania takes a look at Earth's ocean-based societies. From the vast floating cities to the isolated deep colonies, this full-color setting dossier from the Æon Trinity itself reveals the bizarre and wondrous world that exists beneath the waves.

Chapter OneEdit

Background InformationEdit

  • Low sales were already starting to take their toll at this point in the Trinity line. It was decided that this Field Report would not be published. But the complete text as well as several images that had been completed were placed on the White Wolf website. It can be downloaded here: HTML PDF

Memorable QuotesEdit



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