Triflesmiths are Hobgoblin Tinkerers specialized in forging trifles and other tokens in the Hedge.


These wandering nomads search the Hedge, laughing, filling themselves on drunken fruits and milky streams, generally catering to their own good-time whims. But it’s not all shits and giggles, is it? When it comes down to brass tacks, these tinkers lick the foam from their lips with the back of an arm and get to work — the work of forging trifles and tokens (or, in many cases, repairing ones that are broken).

With callused hands, they have an intuitive sense of what makes a token tick, as if they can sense the ebb and flow of Hedge magic within. The biggest challenge confronting those who seek the Triflesmiths is how few of them exist — and, given the relative size of the Hedge (anywhere from the “size of planet Earth” to “infinite as dreams”), finding a handful of very-specific hobgoblins is no easy task.

Tracking down the Triflesmiths cannot be relegated to a roll, and likely involves an entire chapter or two within a larger story. Once found, the Triflesmiths demand a laundry list of odd items as payment, usually one per dot of the Token Merit desired. Such items can be found in the Hedge (the beak of a cobbler cormorant, a twisted branch from the snake-trap tree, the helmet of one of the Grub Legion), and will serve the Triflesmiths as components for future tokens and trifles. Using the Triflesmiths reduces the cost to buy a token — new dots x 1 for one example of the Token Merit.


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