Tribune is a low rank among the internal structure of the Ventrue clan.


The Tribunes are the messengers and informers of the Ephors.

Where the Lictors are the hands of the Strategoi, the Tribunes are (in effect) their eyes and ears. Their membership contains a mix of clandestine and public agents, depending on the needs of the Directorate in any given area.

Though technically directly serving the Ephorate, these agents at large always contact their masters and receive their orders through the Elder in whose territory they dwell. Their primary duty is simply to watch and report as necessary, though they may also be called upon to assist any Strategoi or Lictors visiting their domain.

For simplicity, most agents are recruited in or near the same domain in which the Ephorate wishes them to serve (usually by recommendation of a Lictor or Strategos).

Ventrue hierarchyEdit

Other titles acquired through Dignitas among the Ventrue hierarchy include:


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