Trevero is one of the Zmei from Russia. He can spew a stream of highly toxic green poison from his mouth.



Garou glyph for monster


Garou glyph for danger

Trevero was one of the mighty servants of the Wyld turned by the power of the Wyrm that were brought into the world by the witch Baba Yaga, during her desperate struggle with the Nosferatu Antediluvian. Trevero is the largest of the Great Zmei. He is 50 feet long, not including his tail, which stretches another 20 feet. His scales, with serrated edges, are the color of fresh blood. To look upon Trevero is to look into the face of rage.

He is the strongest of his kind in sheer physical power. Filled with anger and hunger for destruction, he is a servant of the Beast-of-War. He remembers bearing the Maeljin known as Hellbringer on his back in a war against the Garou in the distant past. He carries this memory and a hatred for the werewolves to this day.

When in combat, Trevero is ruthless and will decimate large areas just to catch a single target. When not in combat, he is always looking for a fight. On June 8, 1908, he broke free from the Rite of Draconic Binding, and the following battle with Uktena, Silver Fangs, and a mage resulted in what became known as the Tunguska event. He was defeated, and the Rite of Draconic Binding was enacted again, sealing him into a deep sleep that not even Baba Yaga can break.