Transylvania Chronicles

The Transylvania Chronicles is a chronicle that is set in 12 acts divided between four books. It begins in 1197 and ends in 2000, spanning the gap from the Dark Ages to the Final Nights.

Transylvania Chronicles I: Dark Tides RisingEdit

Main article: Transylvania Chronicles I: Dark Tides Rising

Act I: Dark Tides Rising (1197). The characters must build the Tihuta Pass fortress, at the east of Bistritz.

Act II: Dark Tides Cresting (1314). Myca Vykos asks the characters to escort Goratrix to the Ceoris Chantry to be punished. Then, they help bind Kupala.

Act III: Dark Tides Falling (1413). The characters help or hinder the Anarchs in their "Diablerie" against Tzimisce.

Transylvania Chronicles II: Son of the DragonEdit

Transylvania Chronicles 2
Main article: Transylvania Chronicles II: Son of the Dragon

Act I: The Serpent's Lair (1472). The characters escort Vlad Tepes (Dracula) to Yorak and assist to his death by Kupala.

Act II: Haceldema (1493). The characters participate in the Convention of Thorns.

Act III: Prophecy in Amber (1495). The characters mark a rune to bind Kupala in Arghes Castle and assist to the Embrace of Dracula.

Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill OmensEdit

Transylvania Chronicles 3
Main article: Transylvania Chronicles III: Ill Omens

Act I: Twilight of the Graverobber, or An Angel's Plea (1680). The last Cappadocian asks the character's help against the Giovanni's hunt.

Act II: Enter the Dragon, or Machinations of the Impaler (1710). Dracula asks the characters to get back his sword.

Act III: The Blood of Tyrants, or Virtue and Terror (1789). The characters assist to the French Revolution.

Transylvania Chronicles IV: The Dragon AscendantEdit

Transylvania Chronicles 4
Main article: Transylvania Chronicles IV: The Dragon Ascendant

Act I: The Danube by Moonlight (1897). The characters goes to Vienna to find more information.

Act II: The Accounting (1998). Etrius asks the characters to escort him to Mexico.

Act III: Revelations (2000). Returns to Transylvania for Kupala's denouement.

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