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With Transmutation the Psion uses his “Noetic glove” to gain a sense of the molecular structures of targets. Ultimately the Psion gains the ability to restructure targets on the molecular level.

O Molecular Scanning While in physical contact with a creature or object the Psion is able to focus his Transmutation modality and gain a greater understanding of the object or creature’s molecular make up. This most basic application of Transmutation allows the Psion to sense or feel the make up and arrangement of his target, though scientific knowledge is required for the Psion to truly understand what he is sensing.

OO Molecular Folding At this level of Transmutation mastery the Psion can not only sense the arrangement of molecules in an object, but he may also change that arrangement. This can manifest itself in the twisting of an iron support beam into a jagged mess of metal, or fusing the tumblers in a lock together. Whatever the case may be Molecular Folding allows for simple physical alterations to nonliving targets.

OOO Change of State All matter exists in one of four states solid, liquid gas and plasma. Through a manipulation of boiling points and energy levels the Quantakinetic is able to change the state of almost any object…or at least a portion of it.

OOOO Molecular Mastery A more precise version of Molecular folding, Molecular Master allows the Psion to not only modify the configuration of the molecules in an object, but also break them down to their component elements and create a totally new object. This is one of the more dramatic abilities in the QK’s arsenal, and is often mistaken for “magic” by less informed peoples.

OOOOO Midas Touch Midas Touch is the pinnacle of the application of Transmutation. For centuries Alchemists struggled to find a way to turn lead into gold, through the wonders of Noetics the Chitra Bhanu can. Unlike Molecular Mastery which was limited to dealing with component elements, Midas Touch allows the Psion to convert trace amounts of Psi into Protons, Neutrons and electrons changing the atomic composition of the atoms in an object and turning it into an entirely new substance.

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