This power allows a psion to change his biological appearance in some significant cosmetic way. The shifter may make minor adjustments to his eye and hair color, fingerprints, height and build - even voice may be changed (by altering the voice box). These changes may be subtle, making him appear as a generic “some One else,”or they may be combined to create a more radical modification, even to the point of allowing the Norca to impersonate someone. However, the psion may adjust himself only within the human paradigm; use of this power is limited to minor changes that don’t radically affect the psion’s basic “physiological template.”

System: Spend one Psi point and roll Psi. The Storyteller may apply a difficulty modifier depending on the degree of adjustment An unmodified roll could change your character‘s eye color, while a +3 difficulty could be assigned for a complete change of racial type, making the psion indistinguishable from a “real” person of that race. If this power is used to impersonate someone, you must also make a Style roll to determine the disguise’s success (see Disguise, page 237). The psion does not gain that individual’s capabilities (knowledge, speech patterns, combat skills). This physical duplication is only skin deep. The adjustment itself takes a number of turns equal to the number of successes needed (due to any difficulty modifiers), but may be maintained indefinitely.

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