A Touchstone is a connection of a vampires Requiem to the mortal world. Most Touchstones are humans, but they can also be places or objects.

A Touchstone challenges the vampires values and forces him to face his true nature. This is a general positive effect on the Requiem, even when the vampire has to face tribulation because of it. They are a vital part of a vampires connection to his Humanity and vampires without a Touchstone tend to succumb to the Beast more easily, feeling the pull of Torpor in his mind.

For young Kindred, the Touchstone is usually someone he knew in life. She may be a family member, confidante, lover, or even a rival. She’s someone who reminds him of what he was when he was alive. For older Kindred, the Touchstone is usually tied to his less savory affairs. She may be the daughter of his prized ghoul, someone who looks like his long-dead wife, or the janitor he passes by every morning on his way to sleep. She’s someone who reminds him that once, he was alive.


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