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Doktor Totentanz

Heinrich Lundt


Doktor Totentanz


-Male (originally)

-Female (currently)




Black Hand



Doktor Totentanz is an anti-semite Tzimisce Dominion of the Black Hand.


Infamous even among the Hand for the brutality, magnitude and sheer audacity of her slayings. Totentanz often spearheads European Sabbat War Parties into heavily fortified Camarilla fiefdoms. Many claim that she attempts to become one of the Seraphs.

In life, Totentanz is believed to have been Dr. Heinrich Lundt, an SS race biologist whose enthusiasm for his work attracted the attention of a Tzimisce. Changing both name and gender to suit her proclivities, Totentanz has since served the Sabbat as fanatically as she once served the Third Reich. Still, old loyalties die hard; her personal pack, the Sonderkommando, utilizes much Nazi paraphernalia in its Ignobilis Ritae.

She has even founded an offshoot of the Path of Caine; the tenets of this often self-contradicting path state, among other things, that Caine was the First Aryan, but that his blood was stolen by the treacherous Antediluvians of Mesopotamia, the ancestors of the Jews.


The word Totentanz means 'Dance of Death'. [1]


Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised, 26-27, 31.

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