Garou glyph for totem.

totem is a potent spirit that lends its power to a group of mystically inclined individuals (usually Garou or other fera) in exchange for some token service or tribute.


Among the Garou and most other Changing Breeds, the totem is one of the fundamental binding aspects of the pack. Additionally, each of the tribes of the Garou has its own distinct tribal totem, as do many of the individual Changing Breeds.

Not all of those who have totems are shapechangers. A group of kuei-jin (a wu) is often bound by a totem called a nushi. As well, a number of supernaturals bind totems to individuals instead of groups, among them the Bastet, the Nunnehi changelings, and many Dreamspeakers and shamanistic sorcerers.

In general, only Incarnae can acts as totems. Jagglings are too weak and Celestines nedd to create Incarnae as avatars for the simple act of communication with any petitioner.

Known TotemsEdit