Torpor is a state of apparent death that falls uppon a vampire when it reaches a certain point in his Requiem. The triggers for this condition can be hunger, injury or simply boredom.


When one of the Kindred falls to torpor, he appears dead. His skin tightens over his flesh and dries out. His joints harden, and the top layer of his tissue turns to a faint, ashen dust. During his slumber, he experiences strange, nonsensical dreams that keep his mind active and exercised, called the Fog of Eternity. Usually, this means he’s prepared to adapt to a new world.

Sometimes, this goes awry; he wakes up a whole new person, or, rarely, with distorted memories of his past existence. Some rare bloodlines are rumored to know deep secrets about the truths of torpor. They claim to communicate with those in the throes of torpor. They swear they can divine otherworldly knowledge of the realms of the dead from torpor dreams. They suggest the Kindred soul wanders another plane with the specters of history, and comes back with hidden information.

The length of Torpor is determined by the Humanity rating of a vampire. A vampire with zero Humanity will sleep for hundreds of years, while a vampire with high Humanity will awaken after a handful of nights. Only Belial's Brood have found a way to circumvent this restriction by via the Discipline of Choronzon.


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