The Torch-Born are the Pandoran Mockery of the Frankenstein Lineage of Prometheans.

The Torch-Born have an obsession with flame, and express this obsession in a variety of ways. The traps they set for Prometheans typically involve fire in a significant way.

The Torch-Born enjoy eating seared Promethean flesh - preferably attached to a living Promethean. They usually accomplish this by searing a Promethean's innards or limbs while the Created still lives.

Their fascination with fire is also their weakness; open flame entrances them, and often, the only way they snap out of it is when they try to touch the flame and get burned. Despite the Torch-Born's obsession, they are as vulnerable to fire as the other Mockeries.

Dormant Torch-Born resemble melted slag or charred debris left over from some massive fire somewhere. They usually chose a form that is a appropriate for the area they are in, such as a burned-out tree in a forest setting, or part of a burned building in an urban one.

Their Bestowment is Crucible of Flesh.


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