Token Limb is a very special kind of Token attached as a prosthesis to a changeling’s body by Goblin Doctors as a replacement for a lost limb. In Changeling: The Lost, a Token Limb is treated as a merit that can be increased from level 1 to 5.


This token is any Hedge prosthesis attached to the changeling’s body by the the Sawbones of Pickwick Circus. The limb or extremity is unique in that it’s cobbled together from various parts of this dream-fed land, and as a result the token contains a Contract bound into it. The Contract must be one of equal value to the dots purchased in the Token Limb, and that Contract may only come from the Universal Contracts.

The changeling activates the token as usual, only requiring the changeling’s incensed will to activate. Once triggered, the changeling may use the Contract contained within for the remainder of the scene. Using the Contract necessitates following all the same systems found under that Contract, with the one exception being that the power’s Glamour cost is reduced by one (to a minimum of zero). Using Shadowpatch (from a Token Limb that may have oily shadows dripping from its joint) still necessitates the Wits + Wyrd roll, but now has no Glamour cost.

Action: Instant


As noted, Token Limbs tend to have an appearance appropriate to the Contract bound within it — Skin Mask may come from a false hand whose fingers are topped with differently-shaped scalpel tips (and are used to alter the flesh accordingly), while Pathfinder may consist of an eyeball made of an olivelike goblin fruit (attuned, as it is, to the Hedge).


When this token is purchased, the player must choose one Physical Skill that is negatively associated with this limb. This Skill now loses the 10-again quality, and any 1s rolled with that Skill take away one success each (Contract rolls don’t count). The diminished Skill should be appropriate to the limb: a new leg might have its Athletics reduced, a new hand might see Larceny suffer, a token eye may reduce one’s Firearm ability, and so forth.


The limb becomes a cause for concern — an enemy item ineluctably fixed to the flesh. The character activates the limb without paying the standard cost, and as a result must assume one of the following mild derangements: Fixation, Inferiority Complex, or Suspicion. This derangement exists until the character gets one full (eight hours) night of sleep.


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