Tobias Leveler









Tobias Leveler was a Caitiff active around London in 1666.

A native of Ludgate, Leveler was an adherent to the Leveler movement against the king and remembered fondly the days of resistance against tyranny. As he could not claim any sire, he was an outcast and learned several of the limits of vampirism on his own. He nearly lost himself to the Beast before he was soothed and instructed by a Malkavian. He lived together with her and an outcast Gangrel for several years, fighting against oppression from the upper ranks of the Camarilla, while taking any jobs from Independent Clans or individuals that would earn him some boons. He had a deep suspicion towards all Kindred and a fierce hatred against the French.

He was used as a catspaw by Ambrogino Giovanni in his trip to London to uncover information about the Sargon Fragment without interference from the Camarilla. When he was exposed, he was killed by an Archon.

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