Written by: Jason Bolte
Developed by: Eddy Webb
Edited by: Genevieve Podleski
Layout by: Jessica Mullins
Art: Abrar Ajmal, Sam Araya, James Cole, August Hall, Gavin Hargest, and Brian LeBlanc
Playtested by: Jason Bolte, Kevin Bolte
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: August 6, 2008
Pages: 38
Year: 2008
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $5.99

To the Flame is an SAS for Promethean: The Created.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

Can You Prevent Another Great Fire?
Something disturbs the slumber of a quiet, rural town. Sixty years ago, this monster scarred the town in a terrible inferno. Now nearly rebuilt, the sightings have returned. The monster, known locally as Moth, was considered nothing more than a boogeyman to scare children. But those older folk who lived through his first visit know better. They know that Moth brings trouble.
Confronted by a concerned Promethean, your throng enters the town in search of Moth, investigating his mysterious return, and, if it comes to that, removing him before the inferno begins again.
A story in the Storytelling Adventure System for Promethean: The Created.

Background Information Edit

  • The only SAS made for Promethean, it was released nearly a year and a half after the final sourcebook.

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