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Tiers are a term used in the Storytelling System to denote different "levels" or styles of play. Originally introduced in the HTV: Hunter: The Vigil Rulebook Bullet-pdf , it was quickly expanded to cover other systems.

Tier 1 Edit

This is the lowest, most personal tier, dealing with individuals and troupes, with little going beyond. A political organization is little more than a gang at this level. It's the level of the locality.

Levels include:

Tier 2 Edit

This is the mid-level tier, and typically the default assumption for most games, operating at a city level. While individual tier 1 groups may move around, their actions are typically part of the grander designs of tier 2 organizations.

Levels include:

Tier 3 Edit

This is, for most purposes, the top-level tier. It covers national or even global-level politics and conflict, with PCs being major movers and shakers within their societies.

Levels include:

Tier 4 Edit

This is perhaps the rarest of all tiers, introduced within MTAw: Imperial Mysteries Bullet-pdf . It takes place on a cosmic level, where players literally have a stake in reality itself.

Levels include:

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