Name: Tick
Totem type: Cunning
Ban: regular tithes of blood per week, ban against removing or killing ticks

Tick is a Totem of Cunning. While usually looked down upon by other spirits, Tick is a far more intelligent spirit than many give her credit for.


Tick is an ancient jaggling, allied to Gaia, but not well respected among her Courts. Her creed is that you do what you have to in order to survive, no matter how distasteful others might find your actions. To this end, she results to spreading sickness to weaken her enemies instead of confronting them in a real fight. Tick has a particular spirit ban: she dislikes vinegar and kerosene.

In the events of Skinner, Tick conspired with a pack of Skin Dancers to resurrect Samuel Haight, in exchange for replacing Minotaur as the Tribal Totem of the Dancers. She manipulated Minotaur, feeding his rage and fury and making him more sensitive to the influence of the Wyrm. In Skinner, the players can track into her spirit realm and either fight or bargain with her. In the event that Tick is supported, she needs the blood of an existing tribal Incarna to become the full patron of the Skin Dancers.

Tick is a extremely capable spirit, as she was able to salvage the Grand Klaive Thunderous Howl from the Abyss, and was able to find a piece of Samuel Haight's skin. She was able to link the piece of skin to Haight's soul, turning it into a fetish, and giving it to one of Haight's followers, grafting it onto his skin and teaching him how to strength of the link to Haight.

As a Totem, Tick offers individuals an additional dice for soaking bashing damage, while she grants packs three dots of Survival and two points of Willpower. As a ban, Tick requires regular tithes of blood. Her pack must offer her a health level’s worth of blood (theirs or someone else’s) per packmate roughly once per week (at the night of the purest new moon, half moon and full moon). She also doesn’t permit her Garou children to kill ticks or remove them once they’re attached and feeding on a host.