Thurifuge, the Architect of Violence or Azitha-Rihur, is one of the nine Maeljin.

Biography Edit

Violence is at the center of the Uratha's being but the violence of Thurifuge is another thing entirely. Said by some to be the mightiest of the Maeljin, it is told that Thurifuge was born from the violence of Father Wolf's murder and that he lives at the First Wound which grew on top of Urfarah's bones. His influence on a territory is always one of growing violence and terror and his chief incarnation, the Dreadwolf, is a horrifying mockery of Father Wolf standing twenty feet tall at the shoulder. It prowls war zones and violent cities, soaking up the rage and fear there.

Bale Hounds who serve the Architect of Violence are sadistic creatures who revel in inflicting pain and especially in pushing others to hurt and maim. They kill for the "sacred" pleasure of causing pain and death and can be horrific monsters if they do not fall victim to Zi'ir in their rapid downward spiral.

References Edit

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  • Blasphemies, p. 120-121

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