Thunderbird is one of the great Totem spirits of the Pure Lands, and known as a Jamak to the Bastet. His domain is courage and purity, and he sleeps on the tops of mountains and rides the skies in forms so vast that the human eye can't recognize him. As a Totem of War, Thunderbird roars and flashes to frighten the seekers of visions while cautioning them to be brave. Those few who can withstand the fury of the Thunderbird's cry gain this spirit's respect. Thunderbird lives cloaked in clouds. He has no head, but he does have a great beak filled with sharp teeth. He has no feet, but great grasping talons. He has no face, but shoots lightning from his eyes when angry.

Although he seems to be a raging Spirit, Thunderbird likes humans and favors the Pumonca and Wendigo above all other creatures. In his voice, the crack of creation can be heard. In the winds, the beat of his wings can be felt. Those who can withstand his tests of bravery are rewarded by his friendship. In emergencies, he may send a thunderbolt (as per the Gift) or two to buy his ally a chance to regroup. Hawks and eagles often come to the aid of Thunderbird's friends, and bursts of sheer terror scare his enemies away.

Thunderbird detests cowardice in every form and expect from those who are his ally to fight impurity in every form.

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