Threshold is a term used by the wisest of the Changing Breeds to describe some earthly locales infused with the Wyld. Such places have a weak enough Gauntlet barrier so that chaotic energies from Flux are able to pour through into the physical realm.


Thresholds are places where anything can and normally does happen. There are no rules, no rhyme or reason to these places, and often the very laws of nature and science are violated by the immense spiritual footsteps of the Wyld in the physical world. Almost all Thresholds are essentially manifestations of the Wyld through a natural formation - a bit of land. The exceptions are dynamic anomalies, which tend to manifest abnormal weather patterns or animals.

All Thresholds possess Gnosis, while most possess Rage. It goes without saying that they are rare occurrences and seldom manifest in areas of even moderate traffic - and while they aren't precisely intelligent as we might understand it, they are certainly aware. Essentially, they are a "new" phenomenon as far as the Changing Breeds are concern. While there is a very good possibility that Thresholds have manifested throughout the ages, only the tightening and intricacy of Weaver's Pattern Web have made them somewhat more obvious than they have been in the past.

Thresholds radiate a sense of the beyond, alien to the world that they inhabit. It inspires a deep and profound sensation in the werebeasts that witnessed it - something not quite holy, but at the same time magnificent. They vary in size, shape and ecology, but most Thresholds can withstand ungodly amounts of punishment. The destruction of a Thresholds, while possible, is usually only achievable via the complete and utter defilement or destruction of the land in which it has manifested.

Thresholds PowersEdit

All Thresholds possess powers afforded them by the Wyld. The following list are only some of the powers that can appear in Wyld Thresholds, but are by no means absolute in regards to the powers a Threshold can exercise in its defense, or in some cases, offense. Thresholds are excessively rare and no two will ever manifest in the same manner. With the Wyld anything is possible.

  • Animal Kinship
  • Animal Summons
  • Animate Self
  • Aura of Discord
  • Awaken Wyldling
  • Bellow of the World
  • Command the Earth
  • Curse of Babel
  • Curse of Gaia
  • Discorporate
  • Enchanting Voice
  • Gnosis Drain
  • Heart Sense
  • Lord of the Land
  • Migration
  • Plant Animation
  • Reshape Object
  • Silent Enigmas
  • Spirit Charms
  • Spirit Drain
  • Strange Senses
  • Summon Vortex
  • Surreal Presence
  • Umbral Passage
  • Wyldkin

Known ThresholdsEdit


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