Name: Threnodists
Nicknames: Wailers
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Arcana: Space

The Threnodists are a Legacy that deals with quantum mechanics in relation with magic.


Threnodists consider the howling chaos of Pandemonium to be the fundamental substrate of existence, the ever-fecund potentia of the Void with its "foam" of quanta winking in and out of being. Consciousness, the Threnodists postulate, is an inherent quality of this chaos, and individual identity (as most humans and some other entities appear to exhibit) is an emergent property of consciousness. Awakening, by extension, must be an emergent property of individual identity. During the heyday of the purists, Threnodic magic was heavily oriented toward bulky technological foci, which limited their more spectacular effects to laboratories equipped with lasers, particle accelerators, cloud chambers, crystal set radios, gigantic vacuum-tube computers and the like.

The revolution in digital technology has granted the modern Threnodist more mobility and discretion, focusing magic through cell phones, camcorders and laptops. One focus that has never gone out of style, however, is old-fashioned pencil and paper: With the Threnodists' reliance upon mathematics, all Threnodists learn to focus their will through an idiosyncratic script that uses barbarous names as terms in long complex equations and blends Minkowski and Feynman diagrams with Goetic sigils. Another tradition is the spoken invocation of the names and theories enshrined in the history of quantum mechanics, so that a Threnodist making magic sounds as if she were delivering an oral thesis to a board of professors. For quick spellcasting, Threnodists rely on little more equipment than their more traditional colleagues in magic, or none; the quantum demons respond less effectively to "virtual" tools than to rarified equipment in a Threnodist's hands, but they do respond. For extended spellcasting, however, purist Wailers frequently retreat to laboratory-sanctums equipped with a full complement of scientific apparatus as well as a blackboard with lots of chalk.

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