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Name: Therion
Nicknames: Advocates
Parent Clan: any
Disciplines: Obfuscate, Choronzon

The Therion is a bloodline of Kindred found amongst the ranks of Belial's Brood in Vampire: The Requiem. They serve as the priest caste of the covenant as well as a source of power for it's coveymates through the unique discipline of Choronzon. The Therion aren't a true bloodline per se, as they come from no one clan — rather, any Forsworn can become one through a special ritual performed by the covey, one which all Forsworn are innately able to perform. The Therion are a mysterious and unsettling kind, devoid of any true humanity — indeed, even other Forsworn fear and despise them for their unrivaled bestiality, yet reveres them for their power and "freedom" from the Man.

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