Written by: Benjamin Baugh, Joseph Carriker, Joshua Alan Doetsch, Wood Ingham, Myranda Kalis, Orrin Loria, Matthew McFarland, Greg Stolze, Travis Stout,Eddy Webb, Chuck Wendig, Audrey Whitman
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Published: December 5, 2012
Pages: 152
Year: 2013
PDF: Bullet-fictionBullet-nip
Price: $9.99
Digital: $3.99

The Strix Chronicle Anthology is a Vampire: The Requiem novel. As with the CofD: God Machine Chronicle Fiction Anthology Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, this one contains classic and new Vampire: The Requiem fiction that features the Strix and provides a richer look at the terror created by the fear of these malevolent spirits.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

We are like you. We live in your cities, we laugh at your jokes, we share your good times and your bad ones. We meet you in clubs and back alleys, at glamorous parties and dive bars. We need you, to sate our endless hunger. We are your Kindred.
They are the smoke and the darkness, things that could have been you or us, creatures of hunger that humanity stole the night from. They are the Strix.
This anthology chronicles our struggle, and unveils the schemes and atrocities of Kindred and Strix alike. It includes these stories as well as other tales of those whom even monsters fear:
  • “Four Years, Old John”: Greg Stolze shows us how the two most powerful vampires in Chicago came together in the shadow of the Strix.
  • “Second Chance”: Eddy Webb tells a story of trust and betrayal, as a vampire is raised to solve a savage mystery.
  • “Playing House”: Audrey Whitman reveals that the devil you know and the devil you don’t might be one and the same.
  • “Watching”: Orrin Loria introduces us to the Sheriff, who sees everything. But there’s one person even the city’s most well-connected vampire may not suspect.
  • “Lullay”: Joshua Alan Doetsch weaves the tale of a surrogate father and his very dangerous little girl. But what happens when a fairy tale beast comes knocking?

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