Edition: Second
Authors: Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, Genevieve
, Lydia Laurenson, Peter Schaefer, Dustin
, Holden Shearer, John Snead, Scott Taylor
Developer: John Chambers and Dean Shomshak
Editor: Carl Bowen and John Chambers
Art Direction: Brian Glass
Artists: Aaron Nakahara, Alisa “Kiyo” Kyypelto,

Bentobox Studios, Chris Stevens, Imaginary Friends
, Jeff Holt, Jeff Laubenstein, Marian Churchland,
McLean Kendree, Melissa Uran, Misty Coats,
Pasi Pitkanen, Priscilla Kim, Ross Campbell, UDON

Cover Art: Imaginary Friends Studio
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Imprint: White Wolf
Published: November 3, 2011
Pages: Unknown
Publication #:  
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip

The Patchwork Scroll is a reprint of several prior Exalted Second Edition publications. These all represented material cut from their intended book for length but released separately as short additional supplements.

Summary Edit

Sometimes, Exalted writers produced quite a bit more than they expected. Over time, little scraps and fragments of materials and rules built up, and they seemed too cool to leave in the oblivion of a computer trash bin.

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