Written by: Justin R. Achilli, Aldyth Beltane, Brad Beltane, Phil Brucato and Rachelle Udell
Additional Material by: Mark Cenczyk, James E. Moore, Kevin Andrew Murphy and Lindsay Woodcock
Developed by: Phil Brucato
"Expert" Guidance: Ian Dunteman, Laurah Norton and Lindsay Woodcock
Edited by: Cary Goff
Art Director: Aileen E. Miles
Layout and Typesetting: Matt Milberger
Art: Mike Chaney, John Cobb, Guy Davis, Jason Felix, Michael Gaydos, Shea Anton Pensa, Alex Sheikman
Front Cover Art: Lawrence Snelly
Front Cover Models: (left to right) Courtney King, Karen Schultz and Chase Jones
Front and Back Cover Design: Matt Milberger
Final Mage Special Thanks To: Kathleen "Amanda" Ryan, who was there through it all.
Jane "Voice Box" Palmer, who deserved better.
Nate "Kick in the Ding" Wall, for playing Crow Boy.
Rob "Shaggy" Dixon, for heading off to those Fading Suns.
Cary "Puzzle Master" Goff, for enduring occulted voices.
Allison "Farmer's Market" Sturms, for chilling out E&D.
Shane "Succubus Club" DeFreest, for throwing one of the best parties in GenCon history.
Ian "Grand Pooka" Lemke for keeping The Dreaming alive.
Conan "The Barbarian" Venus, for brining us the world.
Karen "Topper" Schultz, for making Cover Girl.
Jeff "Battle Lord" Holt, for calling his armies to the table.
Katie "Bombshell" McKaskill, for her wit, her smile and her dog.
Larry "Master Vampire" Snelly, for art directing some of the finest work this industry has ever seen.
Anna "Ghost" Branscome, for sorting through the wreckage.
...and Stephe "Vacating the Landscape" Pagel, for running off with Merlin. Good luck, man. We'll miss you.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 1998
Pages: 136
Year: 1998
Publication #: WW 04252
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-436-3
Price: $16.00

The Orphans Survival Guide is a sourcebook on both the Orphans - mages who work on their own, outside of the Traditions, Technocracy and Crafts - and the Hollow Ones. It is in part a replacement for Destiny's Price, a much-maligned sourcebook that covered roughly similar topics.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Born in a Firestorm
One moment, you're halfway normal. The next moment, everything goes to hell. Reality becomes a sham and you're the only one who understands the truth. Bend over, baby — you're screwed!
Raised on the Streets
Surrounded by enemies, haunted by visions, wrapped up in forces you can't understand... no wonder you've gone crazy! But help is here — help from the only people on Earth who understand. People like you. The Orphaned Ones. The Survivors.
I Will Never Submit.
From the Waydown to the Heights, the self-Awakened gather. Defiant. Demented. Too rebellious for "traditions" and too cool to care. This is the New Way. They are the Hope of Tomorrow.
So EAT ME!!!
You know the drill:
  • The Hollow Ones "tradition book..." as if!!
  • Storyteller advice for hardass chronicles;
  • Gutter magick, templates, living legends, a ready-to-run club, and more!

Background InformationEdit

  • This is the final book developed solo by long-time Mage developer Phil Brucato.


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