Authors: Mike Mearls
Editing: Ray Vallese
Development and Creative Direction: Monte Cook
Cover Art: Jeremy Jarvis
Interior Art: Kev Crossly
Cover Design and Interior Page Design: Lisa Chido
Production and Proofreading: Sue Weinlein Cook
Playtesters: Mark Barazzuol, Chris Cumming, Matt Cumming, Kelly Graham, Melinda Lau, Kevin MacQuarrie, Jim McArthur,

Geoffrey Nelson, Del Shand, Nicolas Shand, Apis Teicher, Dave Turner, and Adam Windsor

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Malhavoc Press
Published: January 16, 2006
Pages: 96
Publication #: WW 16156
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-949-2
Price: $19.99

A monster book for Iron Heroes, including new creatures, villain classes and advice on using monsters from other d20 products in Iron Heroes games. The third and final of the major Iron Heroes releases from Malhavoc Press; now owned and distributed in electronic format by Fiery Dragon Productions.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Great heroes need great foes! The Iron Heroes Bestiary contains more than 30 new monsters designed for use in Iron Heroes. They fill a variety of roles, from intelligent, thinking foes to brutal, mindless beasts that spread misery and destruction. What they all have in common is a mixture of martial and arcane power to challenge the player characters.
The book also includes some basic advice on using monsters in Iron Heroes, such as mathematical methods you can use to judge whether a creature offers the proper threat to the party and new feats designed to work with monster abilities.
The Iron Heroes Bestiary also presents several new villain classes, an innovative concept introduced in Mastering Iron Heroes. Villain classes are a useful tool for generating challenging NPC villains or opponents for the PCs with a minimum of work. And don't miss the comprehensive monster table, featuring all published Malhavoc Press monsters!
Compatible with Iron Heroes and any game that uses d20-based mechanics.

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