Written by: David Chart, Jess Hartley, Will Hindmarch and Steve Kenson
Developer: Will Hindmarch
Art Director: Craig Grant
Book Design: Aileen E. Miles
Interior Art: Joel Biske, John Bridges, Brian LeBlanc, Justin Norman
Cover Art: Michael Komarck
Ethan’s New Nickname by: Aileen Miles
Not Tennis, But the Other Thing: Brian Glass, matt milberger and Craig Grant
That Smell: John “Bax” Masterson
Passport Control: Oscar Garza
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: May 2, 2007
Pages: 137
Year: 2007
Publication #: WW 40308
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-432-3
PDF: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: $26.99
PDF: $16.99

The Free Council is a sourcebook for Mage: The Awakening. It offers a deeper insight into the Free Council and its doings.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"Oppenheimer was no mage, but how can you say he wasn't a wizard? I'm sure he'd never seen any Watchtower or Atlantis god-king or any of your other old myths. But he conjured up something the world had never seen before and changed this Earth forever. No mage had ever done what he did, but we consider ourselves the Awakened people. I'll bet you anything that when he saw the flash, he woke up, whether it was like us or not. Imagine what we can do when we see through the Lie and recognize that magic and science are all the same thing: wondrous."
— Morton, Libertine Futurist
Modern Magic, Modern Myths
Rethink it. Rethink what you know about magic. About human history. About what's real and what's myth. The Free Council is questioning everything. Sometimes this leads to new breakthroughs in sorcery. Sometimes this leads to disaster. What it never creates… is trust.
An Order book for Mage: The Awakening™
  • The definitive guide on the youngest of the five Orders of Atlantean magic — a must for any Mage player.
  • An insider's look at the Free Council, including unique cabals blending technology and magic, new spells and rotes, and artifacts utilizing both science and magic.
  • A history of the Free Council and an exploration of the cults, clubs and cells that make up its unusual social structure — and how to tell thrilling stories using it all.

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