Marcus Sextus


-the Egyptian





1st century BC

Final Death:







a Methuselah


Inyanga (483)

Marcus Sextus, also known as the Egyptian or even Esemkofu, was a nomadic Gangrel during the reign of the Roman Empire. He was described as being a short, grayish male with a reddish tint to his skin and straight brown hair that hung down to his cheeks. He was destroyed by his childe, Inyanga, who staked him and let him burn in the rising sun.


Marcus Sextus was born in latinized Cairo in the first century AD and traveled to Rome just after being Embrace by a Gangrel Methuselah. He introduced himself to the Malkavian and Ventrue lords of the city simply as "the Egyptian". There he lived as a nobleman, and greatly desired the approval and companionship of the city's undead leaders - but the greedy patrons of the Eternal Senate used the Gangrel's desires to pull him this way and that. During the closing years of the Empire, the Egyptian was nothing more than a pawn.

At a Gangrel Thing near Dacia in 475, the Egyptian had his only encounter with the barbarian terror Arnulf, and learned of the coming invasion of Rome. After returning to the city and spending months in contemplation, he quietly chose to abandon his erstwhile masters and fled across the Mediterranean into Africa. There he became known as "Esemkofu" (the Speechless One) and terrorized the natives accompanied by a horde of jackals - he embraced a number of tribespeople during this time, but their fate is unknown. Esemkofu finally met a worthy foe in a shaman named Inyanga, who fought him relentlessly in order to save her tribe.

While still mortal the middle-aged Inyanga battled Esemkofu with her sorcery, turning into a full grown leopard and attacking him with all the speed and strength of the mightiest of the african predators. The two fought to the point where each was nearly finished by the other, but the struggle finally ended when Esemkofu, mauled beyond recognition, managed to haul her into a tree and snap her spine. Before the final oblivion went down, however, the vampire slit his own wrist and used his blood to turn her into the very last of his progeny.

Over the next week, Inyanga and her sire taught one another about their respective abilities; at the end of the week, when he returned frenzied after learning that his herd (Inyanga's tribe), had fled their pasture. She took the opportunity and thrusted a spear through his heart, paralysing him completely. Inyanga stood at the shadow of a nearby tree and watched her sire burn at the sunrise.


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