The Churchyard is a Goblin Market.


There’s an old church in a run-down part of town, its white paint flaking and its congregation getting older and smaller every year. They have a quaint little graveyard out by the side, with a low wall and a few tombstones notable for their age. But if you open the lich-gate on the night of a crescent moon, then you step through to the Other Side. And there, the Market is open.

The Churchyard Market exists in the Hedge only on nights of the crescent moon: at least, only in that particular location. At any other time, the booths and tents that litter the area are mere wooden skeletons, rattling softly in a silent wind. The Market’s cemetery reflection is powerfully felt in the Hedge environs. The enclosing walls are equal parts thorns and gray stone, with peculiar hooded and weeping statues overrun with vines and tiny white flowers, like angels formed out of a half-remembered dream.

It is an uncommonly quiet Market, as well; the local goblins speak in soft voices, and many trades are bartered in low whispers. Rumor has it that the Churchyard stays quiet because it fears banishment — if somehow the church’s bells are heard in the Hedge while the Market is open, it will be banished from the location forever.


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